Website Audit

Identify barriers to SEO success

A website audit can help improve your site’s performance by identifying gaps in design, content, and SEO best practice, providing information to improve your online sales, marketing, and exposure.

The process includes detecting all usability and credibility problems on a website, including the analysis of several factors, such as:

  • Web design & site structure.
  • Onsite optimization analysis.
  • Internal navigation structure.
  • Search engine friendliness.
  • Accessibility issues.
  • Keyword & page rankings in popular search engines.
  • Issues & recommendations.


As the basis of any effective SEO program, we start with an initial optimization of the structure and content of your website. This includes keyword research and strategy, metadata optimization, sitemap creation, URL optimization, and on-page content optimization including image tags, site validation, and more.

Link-building is probably the single most important step (alongside content) in determining your SEO success. We perform ongoing link building, along with continual optimizations and adjustments to your SEO strategy, to ensure success.

Content is king on the Internet. We optimize, and publish industry-related articles, webinars, eBooks, presentations, downloadable brochures, press releases, widgets, videos, and more in order to attract more prospects and visitors and to achieve higher rankings for your site.

We provide stats on your website visitors and reports on your SEO progress. These are supplemented with consulting sessions to discuss what is working, what isn’t, and how to enhance your SEO results.

Try our free SEO audit tool to receive a report for your site to check against common optimization problems

BASIC <strong>TECHNICAL AUDIT</strong>$120

What will you receive?
The Audit Report includes a 4-6 page summary outlining the status of your website and recommendations sent to you by email.

  • Audit Report Summary
  • SEO Status & Recommendations
  • Desktop Performance Test
  • Mobile Performance Test
  • Requires 7 work days for delivery

ANALYSIS <strong>COMPETITIVE</strong>$480

What will you receive?
PDF report documentation of technical and site architecture issues, basic recommendations for enhancing SEO.

  • See what your competitors are doing and how they perform online. (Up to 3 competitors)
  • Review of your website structure. Identify competitors’ Search Engine strategy
  • Assess your competitors’ Social Media strategies and online impact

Requires 15-20 work days for delivery